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Church at a Distance

By Great Shelford Free Church Members

Deep Wells

Write by Liz Jenkin (Elder GSFC) Growing up in a steep-sided Derbyshire valley, stone wells were a familiar sight in my village. The clear water gushing down the hillsides after rain filled them with water which I only ever saw used for animals’ drinks, but which must have been used to supply humans before theContinue reading “Deep Wells”

Wide Doors

Written by Liz Jenkin (Elder GSFC) It has been such a joy to welcome people into my home once more, and like most people I expect, my first guests were my family. I love entertaining people and having the house full of life, and yet I have been challenged recently to extend my thinking onContinue reading “Wide Doors”

Roots, Rocks and Roses

Written by Lou Everard (Member GSFC) I’ve been praying through some pictures and verses given at a recent Alpha prayer meeting. The scripture passed on from a previous meeting was from Isaiah 62, verses 10-12. This mentions “removing the stones” as part of preparing the way for the people to reach Jerusalem. The question wasContinue reading “Roots, Rocks and Roses”


Written bu Suzanne Watt (Member GSFC) Martin’s talk on Sunday and our homegroup theme this week was on the subject of Home. Home particularly at the moment can mean not just where you live, but where you work, go to school and even exercise! For some it’s been a bonus, no travelling to work, moreContinue reading “Home”

Being Ruth

Written by Lou Everard (Member GSFC) Naomi was a foreigner in Moab. And as things turned out, a foreigner left on her own. Her culture made her the poorest of the poor, now that she had no male relatives to support her. So were her daughters-in-law, being widows too, but at least it was theirContinue reading “Being Ruth”

Working Together

Written by Lou Everard (Member GSFC) I have just read Professor Tom Wright’s new book “God and the Pandemic”. For quite a short book, there’s a lot in it (as ever with Tom Wright) to provoke Christian thought and question some of the habits of thought we can get fixed in, especially when facing aContinue reading “Working Together”

In Love

Written by Suzanne Watt (Member GSFC) I am currently reading Brian McLaren’s book, We make the road by walking. A year’s worth of reflections on the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Last week he talked about the difficulties some people find in loving God and suggested loving God is not so different from loving anotherContinue reading “In Love”


Written by Rev Martin Cockerill Over the last few weeks of good weather our lunch routine has turned into a well oiled machine of simplicity. Weather permitting, we have lunch in the garden; the tablecloth is set, a skirmish for plates and cutlery takes place, an argument over who gets what glass and ‘the tub’Continue reading “Simplicity”


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